Get to know us

Welcome to Jetster, hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Our journey started with the successful Jetster One and has evolved into the Jetster 2.0, created in collaboration with Glimtech, known for their top-notch Air-Jet technology. At Jetster, we blend simplicity with advanced technology to make cleaning efficient and enjoyable. Our commitment is to provide innovative, eco-friendly, and user-friendly cleaning solutions. Join us in our mission to transform everyday cleaning into something extraordinary, where functionality meets sustainability.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a multi-functional, efficient, and portable solution for a variety of needs – from precision cleaning to lighting fires, and more. We commit to delivering innovation, convenience, and sustainability in every hand-held, powerful device we create.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading innovator in versatile, portable tools that make daily tasks simpler and more enjoyable. We aim to transcend traditional boundaries, expanding the capabilities of handheld devices into realms like outdoor adventures, home maintenance, and creative uses. Jetster aspires to be a household name synonymous with versatility, reliability, and eco-friendly solutions in every corner of the globe..