Powerful. Portable. Eco-Friendly.

The Ultimate Jet-Air Duster

The Jetster Pro™

Discover the unparalleled convenience of Jetster Pro, your ultimate jet-air duster for every task. From dusting sensitive electronics to inflating air mattresses, and even igniting campfires, The Jetster Pro handles it effortlessly. Its eco-friendly USB-C rechargeable design, adjustable speeds, and vibrant color makes it more than a tool—it's a life simplifier. Benefit from our risk-free 90-day trial and free global shipping.

Powerful. Portable. Versatile.

Jetster Pro - Heavy Duty Air Duster

Turbo Performance

The high-speed airflow of the Jetster Pro™ makes it perfect for tackling delicate electronics and hard-to-reach areas. It also comes with a detachable nozzle, allowing for versatility in cleaning, inflating, and more. The Jetster Pro™ is rechargeable, which is not only convenient but also eco-friendly, thanks to its USB-C high-speed charging capability. Another great feature is the adjustable speeds, which allow you to tailor the airflow to your specific needs. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, this feature allows ultimate precision. With its combination of power and versatility, it's the ideal tool for all your cleaning and inflating tasks.

A Companion for Home, Work, and Outdoor Adventures

3-Speed & Pulse Feature
USB-C Port
The Jetster Pro is amazing! It's so powerful and portable. It has made cleaning my electronics and hard-to-reach places a breeze. Highly recommended! - AppleTechReviewer
Here's what our customers say

”As an avid camper and BBQ lover, the Jetster Pro has been a game-changer for me. Lighting barbecues and campfires has never been easier. Its powerful jet stream gets the fire going in seconds, making it a must-have for my outdoor adventures.”

- Clarice Turner, Outdoor Enthusiast

”I'm a professional photographer, and keeping my gear clean is crucial. My Jetster has been a lifesaver for cleaning my camera lenses and sensors. It's gentle yet effective, ensuring my equipment is always in top condition for the perfect shot.”

- Brian Moten, Photographer

”Owning a PC repair shop means dealing with lots of dust in electronics. My Jetster Pro is the best tool I've found for this job. Its adaptable nozzle reaches the tiniest, hard-to-reach areas, making it indispensable for keeping electronics clean and functioning.”

- Joyce Gould, PC Shop Owner

”As someone who loves a clean home, The Jetster has simplified my life! From dusting off shelves to blowing away pet hair, it handles everything. It's powerful, portable, and so easy to use. It's my new go-to cleaning tool.”

- Sharon Roddy, Home Cleaning Enthusiast